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Let's take a Table Top Tour of the locations on  offer!
4 Routes per location means there's 32 race track, increasing in complexity and depth means there's a lot to learn on all TTR tracks and you'll need to understand the circuits deeply and use some some
"out -of-the-box-thinking" to get three stars in some of those Championship and Special Events.
Out in the New Mexico desert this hot, barren, inhospitable location is the perfect location for disposing of the bodies, creating a lab in the back of an RV or having a TTR race! 
Just kidding about the's not that good - the vultures always give it away.
   Click here to watch video. 
London, UK: Welcome to the exclusive 'YO! Sushi Raceway'. Based loosely on our favourite kaiten-zushi restaurant chain here in the UK. This highly technical race track is a tough track to master. Zip between the bowls, conveyor belts, sushi and wandering vegetables! There's a WIN on the menu...
...but you might have to wait for it to come around again!
 Click here to watch video. 
PHONE CALL: 'Hello darling? No, I can barely hear you! Tewible thignal...Yah...No, we're in Monte Carlo...Yah...the wace was thooo exthiting.  Oh, you mutht come and join uth for our potht-wace athterparty...Yah..No...we're on our replathment thuper-yacht 'Unthinkable II'...
 Click here to watch video. 
Here in Motorcity, we believe everyone has the right to a car! At the CHOP SHOP, even if your credit history is in the gutter, we can make you the perfect automobile! This is where dreams are made and where two write-offs can be welded together into one perfectly drivable death trap! 
 Click here to watch video. 
"Where we're going - we don't need roads!!" Well, that's not strictly true...but why not join us in the loft and race through our collection of 80s toys, electricals and memorabilia? Back to the 80s everyone!!
 Click here to watch video. 
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