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Table Top Racing: World Tour launches for iOS, AppleTV, Android and Android TV

No Subscriptions - No Loot Crates - No In-App Purchases - No Adverts 

TTR: World Tour - Nitro Edition is a premium title, it costs just $4.99, £4.99, €5.49 for the entire game, and that’s your lot!

Liverpool, UK - 26th November 2019 - Playrise Digital is pleased to announce that Table Top Racing is making a triumphant return to iOS, 6 years after the original app made its debut! Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition is the long-awaited sequel to 2013’s original hit combat racer which won Editor’s Choice Awards across the globe and achieved Game Of The Year Awards in 9 European App Stores.


Launching simultaneously on iOS13 compatible iPhone and iPad devices plus Apple TV 4k on 26th November 2019, Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition will cost £4.99 / $4.99 / €5.49 for the full game – no subscriptions, no IAP’s, no adverts and no loot boxes! Pay once - get everything!

















Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition is an upgraded version of the Switch title of the same name which launched earlier in 2019 with new features for mobile including:

Two Player horizontal or vertical split-screen couch battle, either Online or Offline


Two Player split-screen gameplay on any device...Yes even your phone or tablet!! (Two compatible controllers required)


Crossplay Network Gameplay between iOS, tvOS and Android players


Cloudsaves across your iOS devices or Android devices


39 Achievements and 9 Leaderboards, including the ‘most requested’ “Drift Kings” leaderboard


Ultra-smooth 60 frames-per-second on all modern Phones and TV devices! (Native 4k 60fps on Apple TV 4K)


iOS Controller Compatibility: All MFi supported controllers, Sony Dualshock 4 and Microsoft XBox One controllers

Android Controller Compatibility: All Android TV compatible Controllers.
















About Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition

Table Top Racing is back with a vengeance! No loot crates, No subscriptions, No adverts, and No In-app purchases! Console quality Pint-sized, Powered-up, Combat Racing is back with a bang!

Get behind the wheel of 16 ultra-cool, miniaturised racing cars and engage in combat-racing like no other. Master over 30 table-top race tracks and over 180 events in a bid for glory, then take the battle Online* and compete with the best in the world.

Race offline or online with two new split-screen game modes. Go head-to-head in “Splitscreen Vs. Battle” mode and take on the A.I. or get online with “Split-screen Online” mode and take on the world!

*Split-screen two-player requires two compatible controllers

Crush your enemies with 8 cunning 'Power-ups' and 6 unique 'Weapon Wheels' and blast your way to victory!

Key Features:

▪Two-player Split-screen modes both Offline and Online*

▪8 Players Online multiplayer combat racing

▪9 Unique Game modes spread throughout the Championships

▪32 Table-top race tracks set in 8 themed locations (4 tracks per location)

▪16 Super-cool, fully upgradable, miniature racing cars

▪Over 180 unique race events to challenge your skills. Over 25 hours gameplay!

▪8 Cunning "Power-Up Weapons" designed to attack and slow opponents or protect yourself

▪6 Unique “Weapon Wheels” help you get an edge over your rivals

▪Funky exclusive break-beat soundtrack by producer Wes Smith of Juice Recordings

▪In-Game language support: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified.

Race offline or online with two new split-screen game modes. Go head-to-head in “Split-screen Vs. Battle” mode and take on the A.I. or get online with “Split-screen Online” mode and take on the world!

*Split-screen two-player modes require two compatible controllers on both tvOS and iOS.

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